Clifford L. Laurence, Ph.D.       Dr. Clifford Laurence


Currently Adjunct Senior Lecturer in College Physics


Consultant: Laser Physics, Applications to Medicine

Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Expert Investigations, Expert Testimony


Formerly, Senior Lecturer at the University of Texas


  • BS, Physics, MIT, 1964
  • Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Rice University, 1972

Legal Witness Experience .  (see References)

1975 Houston, Texas:  Computed trajectory of falling object for an injury lawsuit.
2002-2003 Austin, Texas:  Evaluated laser effectiveness for hair removal in a lawsuit against a laser manufacturer
2003 Austin, Texas: Uncovered improper laser operation during laser dermatological treatment.

2005 Albuquerque, New Mexico, Investigation of a laser retinal injury at the Los Alamos National Laboratories.

2009 Birmingham, Alabama: Investigation of a retinal injury of a doctor using a medical laser.


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Teaching Experience

COURSES TAUGHT for the UT Austin Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

  • EE348      Optics and Laser Engineering
  • EE325      Engineering Electromagnetics
  • EE383P    Fourier Optics (graduate course)
  • EE332      Computer Graphics (2D graphics on Macintosh).
  • EE332      Computer Graphics (3D graphics on IBM PC using OpenGL).
  • EE319K   Microprocessor Programming (Motorola 68000)
  • EE319K   Microprocessor Programming (Motorola MC68HC11 micro-controller)
  • EE319K   Microprocessor Programming (Motorola MC68HC12 micro-controller)
  • EE312      Introduction to Programming Languages (Pascal)
  • EE312      Introduction to Programming Languages (C++)
  • EE360C   Object Oriented Programming and Data Structures in C++.
  • EE332K   Numerical Methods


COURSES TAUGHT for the DeVry University, Colorado Springs

  • Physics 202 and Lab


COURSES TAUGHT for Colorado Technical University, Colorado Springs

  • Communications Systems, EE443

Writing Experience

  • Author: "The Laser Book, A New Technology of Light", Prentice Hall Frontiers of Science Series, 1986.
  • The book is no longer in print but is available at most libraries.

Research Experience

  • Ph.D. Thesis in Non-Linear Optics: "Tuning and Operating Characteristics of a Visible Wavelength Continuous Wave Non-Degenerate Optical Parametric Oscillator"



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