Clifford L. Laurence, Ph.D.       Dr. Clifford Laurence


Currently Adjunct Senior Lecturer in College Physics


Consultant: Laser Physics, Applications to Medicine

Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Expert Investigations, Expert Testimony


Formerly, Senior Lecturer at the University of Texas


Private Tutoring in Physics, Astronomy, all scientific Mathematics from trigonometry to advanced Calculus.


  • BS, Physics, MIT, 1964
  • Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Rice University, 1972

Legal Witness Experience .  (see References)

1975 Houston, Texas:  Computed trajectory of falling object for an injury lawsuit.
2002-2003 Austin, Texas:  Evaluated laser effectiveness for hair removal in a lawsuit against a laser manufacturer
2003 Austin, Texas: Uncovered improper laser operation during laser dermatological treatment.

2005 Albuquerque, New Mexico, Investigation of a laser retinal injury at the Los Alamos National Laboratories.

2009 Birmingham, Alabama: Investigation of a retinal injury of a doctor using a medical laser.


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Teaching Experience

COURSES TAUGHT for the UT Austin Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

  • EE348      Optics and Laser Engineering
  • EE325      Engineering Electromagnetics
  • EE383P    Fourier Optics (graduate course)
  • EE332      Computer Graphics (2D graphics on Macintosh).
  • EE332      Computer Graphics (3D graphics on IBM PC using OpenGL).
  • EE319K   Microprocessor Programming (Motorola 68000)
  • EE319K   Microprocessor Programming (Motorola MC68HC11 micro-controller)
  • EE319K   Microprocessor Programming (Motorola MC68HC12 micro-controller)
  • EE312      Introduction to Programming Languages (Pascal)
  • EE312      Introduction to Programming Languages (C++)
  • EE360C   Object Oriented Programming and Data Structures in C++.
  • EE332K   Numerical Methods


COURSES TAUGHT for the DeVry University, Colorado Springs

  • Physics 202 and Lab


COURSES TAUGHT for Colorado Technical University, Colorado Springs

  • Communications Systems, EE443


COURSES TAUGHT for Pike’s Peak Community College, Colorado Springs

  • Modern Astronomy, AST101


Writing Experience

  • Author: "The Laser Book, A New Technology of Light", Prentice Hall Frontiers of Science Series, 1986.
  • The book is no longer in print but is available at most libraries.

Research Experience

  • Ph.D. Thesis in Non-Linear Optics: "Tuning and Operating Characteristics of a Visible Wavelength Continuous Wave Non-Degenerate Optical Parametric Oscillator"


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